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Making time....

It's the perennial problem to most anything we face in life these days.  When will I have time? I'm too busy. I have so many things to do. Maybe sometime later. 

All perfectly understandable but I would suggest that, like Albert Einstein once postulated, it's all relative.

Don't worry I'm not going into a drawn out monologue about the relativity of time, although I do find that fascinating, what I mean to say is that things in life that may seem important can leech into your life's patterns and they can appear to be important.  If you take a step back it maybe that something has simply just become habit and habit can be very different from what is really important.

Life just seems to get in the way and we get lost in the maze and what’s worse is that it's bloody difficult to get out of. Sometimes it takes one of those larger moments  to make you re-assess what really matters and then by some miracle you can suddenly find the time.

Remember that time long ago before you grew up and had kids and all your time was filled with important stuff like what to do of an evening, who to meet, what to eat, what to wear etc.  All of a sudden you grow up, kids come along and all that you thought was important before now plays second fiddle to your family.

Of course family always, always comes first but it can also creep up on you and that can also be all you think about. No time to think or wind down or take stock. You get older, you get out of shape, your health maybe isn't what it once was, you get the picture.

I've been there and what I've learnt out of all of life's journey is that once every so often you need to take a step back, review what is happening to you and around you and make an honest assessment of what you want to make time for. Once you think about it then it can be done, the hardest part is wanting to start. 

There is always time to be had. Don't let it run out on you.

Well that’s it for now...until next time, eat your greens, fill up on protein and do your squats. 




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