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Never Satisfied

I frequently talk to a work colleague of mine about all things training and fitness and food. We are like chalk and cheese when it comes to training. I like my weights and my competition and she likes her running and classes.

You'll think that there would be no common ground but over the years what we both seem to agree on is that we are never satisfied with our lot.

We both train crazy amounts of hours in the week and mad times of the day and night yet we both have very different thoughts about what we believe is right. Sometimes we would end up taking our proverbial ball home when we just couldn't agree on what the right way is. Sometimes it would end up in silent days just angry at each other.

But what we do agree upon is that for some reason regardless of what we do neither of us ever gets to that point where we pat ourselves on the back and say, "That's a job well done."

It's always looking at something new to try or how can I push the boundaries or what can I do to see how far I can push myself. It's only when we compare ourselves to others that it becomes apparent how far down the road we both are in or respective areas.

Yes she drives me up the the wall sometimes with her attitude but I know I am just as guilty.

Will we ever agree? I doubt it but I know neither of us will really quit until the fella with the black gown and scythe taps us on the shoulder and calls time. Maybe then we can sit down and say we did well but somehow I doubt it.




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