Nutrition Planning

Why its so important.

Good nutrition is all about making sure the body has all the right fuel in the right constituent parts and in the right amounts to support your active lifestyle.

Inexperience or poor advice can frustrate the goals of someone who is trying their very level best to become a better, fitter person.

Trusting to blind faith with nutrition planning will usually end up sabotaging the best laid plans.

Why invest all that time and effort in your training and preparation for it to unravel when it comes to nutrition.

Are you being given the right information or being asked the right questions?

Does your nutrition planning take into account any of the following?

  1. Your goals.

  2. Height

  3. Weight

  4. Gender

  5. Age

  6. Activity Levels: current and expected.

  7. Metabolic Rates

  8. Pre-plan baseline tracking

  9. Likes and Dislikes

Does you nutrition plan also take into account any of the following?

  1. A detailed explanation of the guidance.

  2. Total Calories in your plan

  3. What Macros are and how to balance them.

  4. The Macro Breakdown.

  5. Why its important to have the correct balance of  Vitamins and Minerals in your diet.

  6. Choosing the right approach to nutrition and diets that suits.

  7. Rigid Dieting, Tracking, Flexible Dieting?

Does your plan take into account how your body changes over time and as you approach your goals? 

Professional Nutritional Guidance

If you feel that your are not getting the answers to the questions above or the detailed guidance to nutrition for your goals then I can help you achieve your goals by working with you to build up a custom plan that really is just for you.


After all if its not a custom plan then whose plan is it and why would you trust it?

Contact me and lets work on your nutrition plan together.